Yeogo Goedam (Whispering Corridors)
by In Jung-Ok and Park Ki-Hyung

transcribed by Mandi Apple ( from the uncredited subtitled version shown on FilmFour in 2002. This transcript not to be hosted anywhere, in whole or part, except for Click here to return to Snowblood Apple.

- Opens with school in moonlight.
- Title screen.
- Shot of dripping windows, thunder and lightning, raining, puddles on school yard. Shot of school, then a girl's bare feet and calves and her school shirt step into the picture.

- Cut to anxious looking school teacher Mrs Park (form teacher of Form 3, senior year), attempting to call new teacher Hur Eun-Young's home. She is not answering.
ANSWERPHONE MESSAGE: This is Hur Eun-Young. Please leave a message.
- Mrs Park hangs up, goes back to looking at notes she's made in her markbook. Very frightened expression on her face.
- Cast Credits over shots from inside the school: a teacher on patrol looking around with a torch.
- Cut back to Mrs Park's markbook. She's written out a list of years from, 1989 to 1998, looking even more scared.
- Cut to single frame shot of a schoolgirl's torso, wearing a name badge, stabbed in the heart with an art knife.

- Cut back to Mrs Park. She gets a red pen and circles '89'.

MRS PARK: Second year, third year.. circles 93 second year, third year... circles 96 second year, third year...
looks horrified, pen resting on 98. Loud knock on door: Mrs Park looks up and stands up. Teacher on patrol (Mr Kim, PE teacher) comes in.
MR KIM: Mrs Park, you're still here? looks at watch
MRS PARK: I had to check something. I'll be leaving soon.
MR KIM: I suppose the new term is keeping you busy.
Mrs Park looks down very heavily.
MR KIM: You need any help?
MRS PARK: I'm fine.
Mr Kim closes door. Mrs Park looking scared.
Cut to darkened school corridor, more cast credits. Mr Kim walking down corridor.
- Cut back to Mrs Park, leaving classroom.

- Cut back to Mrs Park on phone to Eun-Young again.
EUN-YOUNG (voice only): Hello?
MRS PARK: Eun-Young?
EUN-YOUNG: Mrs Park?
MRS PARK: pauses Jin-Ju is here. Mrs Park is sweating, terrified.
- Cut to first-person perspective, zooming in on Mrs Park on the phone in the library.
MRS PARK: I don't know.
EUN-YOUNG: What are you talking about?
MRS PARK: pauses I know she died... but she's here... coming back to school for nine years.
EUN-YOUNG: Mrs Park?
phone call is cut off
MRS PARK: hello?
the phone is dead. Mrs Park sighs heavily, shaking, puts down receiver. Hears beeping noise behind her, turns to see someone in a school uniform behind her, who strangles her and lifts her off the floor so hard her shoes fall off. She's dead. Blood drips onto fallen yearbooks.
- Cut to Mr Kim in the corridors. Once he's left the corridor, the bloodstained body of Mrs Park is dumped on the floor and dragged away.
- Cut to Mr Kim outside classroom 3-3.
- Cut to line of blood on floor, schoolgirl dragging Mrs Park's body up the corridor, and out onto a balcony.
- Cut to Mr Kim. Billowing curtains in classroom: teacher slips over chair and falls on floor, breaking his torch. Closes wide-open window. Pan back to reveal blood dripping from ceiling onto desk. Mr Kim leaves classroom, not noticing. When gone, chair is pulled back from bloody desk: blood is dripping on two initials carved by hand onto the desk: J.J.

Lightning illuminates empty classroom. Director credit. Fade to black.

- The next morning, in classroom 3-3. Room lit by sunlight.
- Cut to sunlit corridor, then library.
- Cut to outside school. Lim Ji-oh, a young artist, is coming up the school drive with earphones on.

Stops and sees Youn Jae-Yi sitting alone by school gate.
Approaches. Youn Jae-Yi gets up nervously.

JI-OH: What are you doing here?
JAE-YI: Oh! Waiting for you.
JI-OH: What? takes earphones out What did you say?
JAE-YI: I was waiting for you.
JI-OH: For me? Jae-Yi nods Why? Why were you waiting for me?
JAE-YI: We're the class monitors this week. Ji-Oh looks confused
JI-OH: Youn Jae-Yi, are you trying to make me feel guilty? looks at watch I'm not late. I'm actually fifteen minutes early, thanks to my mom.
JAE-YI: I know you're not late. I was early.
JI-OH: We didn't say we'd meet here... you should have waited in the classroom. It's cold out here.
JAE-YI: Empty classrooms give me the creeps. Sorry.
pause, while Ji-Oh looks amused and contemptuous. Jae-Yi lowers her head. Ji-Oh laughs and puts earphones back in. Walks towards school building. Jae-Yi stays where she is, head down. Ji-Oh walks back to her.
JI-OH: Don't be such a wimp. I'd like to enjoy my senior year at school. You're ruining my chances from the beginning. takes Jae-Yi's hand to lead her off Want to become a school gate ghost? Come on!
The two girls go up to the school building.
- Cut to them entering classroom 3-3. They stop dead, startled. Another girl Jung-Sook is already sitting at a desk. She gives them an odd look. Jae-Yi and Ji-Oh go into classroom and put their bags down. Ji-Oh sees red stain on her desk, just next to the carved initials J.J.
JI-OH: What's this? gives Jung-Sook suspicious look, then leaves room to collect cleaning bucket. Jae-Yi tags behind with kettle. Jung-Sook's eyes go empty; staring, she leans right back in her chair and gazes up at the ceiling.
VOICE OF JI-OH: I'm not sure, but I think she's possessed...

- Cut to Ji-Oh and Jae-Yi walking downstairs to fill buckets.
JAE-YI: Possessed?
JI-OH: You know, by a "good grade ghost". Although she always gets second grade...
JAE-YI: Were you good friends?
JI-OH: sneering Look at her. Does she look like a friend of mine? laughs
JAE-YI: Oh! I forgot the duster! runs back upstairs
JI-OH: Hey! Jae-Yi stops
JAE-YI: What?
JI-OH: pointing to kettle Give me that, silly. No need to take it back up. takes kettle from Jae-Yi Hurry up!
Jae-Yi goes downstairs to be next to the taps/faucets, and puts hand on them. Turns around slowly, and looks towards school bridge, where she sees the dead body of Mrs Park hanging from the bridge, covered in blood.

Reaction shot. Jae-Yi runs to find Ji-Oh.
JAE-YI: Ji-Oh... Ji-Oh quickly grabs Jae-Yi and puts her hands over her eyes to protect her from the sight. Screaming from just-arrived girls. Reaction shots. Camera cuts away to show Jung-Sook, standing at window, staring and looking evil.

Outside shots of school, slow-motion, winds gusting.
- Cut to form-teacher Mr Oh in the gym, gathering Mrs Park's ex-students together to discuss the events of her death.
MR OH: It's your duty as her students. Anyone who damages her reputation by spreading rumours will never be forgiven. Do you understand?
The girls are silent, heads bowed. Mr Oh takes a long drag on his cigarette, blows out smoke. He searches for an ashtray and when he doesn't find one, stubs out cigarette on the floor.
MR OH: Don't distract the other students with gossip. D'you hear me? taps Jung-Sook on head with a piece of wood It's for you own good, OK? Fortunately, we're swearing this oath of honour before all hell breaks loose. If you break your promise, you'll pay for the consequences. pauses, walks away a little. Understand?
GIRLS: Yes, sir.
Mr Oh stops in front of Ji-Oh and pokes her in the chest with piece of wood.
MR OH: Do you understand?
JI-OH: Yes.
MR OH: You'll take the blame for any rumours coming from Form 3, OK?
JI-OH: Yes sir. lowers eyes, upset.

VOICE OF MR KIM: Why did she do it?
- Cut to staff room, Mr Kim talking to an art teacher.
MR KIM: It's not clear. The police don't have enough clues.
ART TEACHER: She may have had her reasons for killing herself. pauses, all teachers sigh But did she have to do it at school? Oh gosh!
all teachers fall silent and return to work as principal walks in. He sits down at his desk, clears throat. New female teacher Hur Eun-Young walks in in a hurry, obviously late for staff meeting.
EUN-YOUNG: I'm sorry. she stops and nods to principal, then continues into staffroom
MR OH'S VOICE: across staffroom The principal will appoint a new teacher for Form 3. Special instructions will be given. Mind what you say, especially outside the school. And make sure the students keep quiet too.

- Cut to classroom of Form 3, in first lesson of the day. A girl turns to the girl next to her.
GIRL 1: quietly Are you sure?
GIRL 2: Ever known me to tell a lie?
GIRL 1: Mmm!
GIRL 2: This is a real story.
- Cut to shot of Ji-Oh doing a rough pencil sketch of Mrs Park hanging dead in her exercise book
GIRL 1: Suicide?
GIRL 2: Not all suicides are by hanging... this case stinks. Nobody liked Old Fox, you know...
- Cut to Jae-Yi looking at the two girls, then to Jung-Sook, looking distracted.

- Cut to school bridge, where Mrs Park's body has been removed. Hur Eun-Young is standing, looking at the spot where Mrs Park was hanging. She remembers Mrs Park's phonecall of the night before.
VOICE OF MRS PARK: Jin-Ju is here...
Eun-Young looks pensive and raises two small silver bells that are in her hand, and looks at them

- Cut to flashback of her four years ago when she herself attended the school, holding the same bells, with her best friend
VOICE OF EUN-YOUNG: Are you sure you want to give it to me? It's really old? ... Thanks Jin-Ju.
end of flashback. Eun-Young is smiling at the memory, playing with the bells.

- Cut to Form 3. Mr Oh is prowling through the classroom, up and down the rows of girls at desks, occasionally tapping loudly with a piece of wood on the desks, making the girls jump. Suddenly he puts his hand on the back of So-Young's neck, who's sitting next to Ji-Oh
MR OH: Does your dad still drink heavily?
SO-YOUNG: I don't know.
Mr Oh pushes her hair back, playing with her earlobe
MR OH: Don't be so cold. he pulls her ear hard, and walks off.
GIRL 1: Did you hear? Jung-Sook was the first to arrive.
GIRL 2: Yeah, she's not even a monitor this week!
GIRL 1: She got here before the monitors... remember last week's shouting match with Old Fox?
they are interrupted by Mr Oh, who gives Girl 2 a smack on the back of the head. She yelps in shock.
MR OH: Why are you two whispering? Think this is a hotel room? Go and work in a factory if you can't behave. pokes Girl 2 in shoulder with piece of wood Or stay at home. D'you hear me? Such degenerates! walks away

- Camera cuts across backs of chairs to flashback from Eun-Young and Jin-Ju's school days. Mrs Park has her form lined up in the corridor, doing a uniform inspection. Sound of chiming silver bells. She stops in front of a girl: her name tag reads Jung Jin-Ju. She grabs her collar.
VOICE OF MRS PARK: Look at your uniform! Hands out.
Jin-Ju puts her hands out, palms down. Mrs Park gives her a really hard whack across the knuckles with a ruler.
MRS PARK: You're such a jinx.
As Jin-Ju lifts her wounded hand, Mrs Park suddenly notices a strange smell.
MRS PARK: What's this smell? Incense? laughs It makes sense, having a shaman for a mother...
Young Eun-Young looks down the line at Jin-Ju anxiously; end of flashback

- Cut to Eun-Young, standing, lost in reminiscence.
Eun-Young sits down, gazing at flowers for Mrs Park on the desk.
she looks up, startled out of thought. The PE teacher on patrol comes towards her for a chat, with two mugs of coffee. He gives one to her.
MR KIM: A penny for your thoughts? laughs You weren't answering!
EUN-YOUNG: also laughs Were you calling me?
MR KIM: You're the only teacher with that name...
EUN-YOUNG: Sorry, I still feel like a student here.
MR KIM: Really? laughs So... she used to be your form tutor? Eun-Young nods Her death must have shocked you. She said she had something to check... I assumed it was important.
EUN-YOUNG: What was she checking?
MR KIM: I'm not sure, but she was staring at her classroom book...
Eun-Young looks anxious and confused
- Cut to another flashback from Mrs Park's phone call to her the night of her death
VOICE OF MRS PARK: I know she died... but she's here! Coming back to school for nine years...
Eun-Young gazes out of window... end of flashback.

- Cut to Ji-Oh talking to So-Young in crowded form room.

JI-OH: It's not that I don't want to do it with you... I just won't do it. We're not children! Do it on your own.
SO-YOUNG: Nobody else can call the spirits... just this once. Please!
Ji-Oh sighs, reluctant, but clearly gives in and agrees to do a seance. They move a desk into a space, and put down an empty exercise book page. Ji-Oh and So-Young put their right hands together, with a pencil clutched between them, and they rest the pencil tip on the page. Other girls gather around to watch.

JI-OH: chanting O mighty spirit, come to us... O mighty spirit, come to us... stops, listening for word from the spirits Please draw a circle if you're with us.
other girls look nervous as the pencil tip begins to move slowly and jerkily, drawing a small circle on the page
JI-OH: Draw us a circle if she's a virgin, an X if she's not.
the pencil tip begins to move again: the tip breaks suddenly, as both the pencil and Ji-Oh are hit by a chalky board rubber thrown at them by Mr Oh, who has just entered the classroom. The girls all scatter, frightened.
MR OH: Having fun? You guys, come here.
Ji-Oh and So-Young get up and go to the front of the classroom, where Mr Oh is standing.
GIRL 1: quietly What the fuck is he doing in our classroom?
the two girls up front stand in front of Mr Oh. He smacks Ji-Oh across the head with a black schoolbook.
MR OH: I thought you'd have more sense in the senior year. You did it again, didn't you? Huh? pokes Ji-Oh with a stick If you really want to be a psychic, why not leave school and make a living out of it?
SO-YOUNG: I asked her for my grades...
MR OH: Lim Ji-Oh, are you a shaman or a witch doctor? Then get better grades. You're lowering the class average. pokes her with stick again Go back.
both girls bow to Mr Oh and return to their desks. Somebody laughs as they go back.
MR OH: furious Who was it? silence Which smart-arse just laughed? silence I see. Everyone on your desks. Now! Girls all exclaim in shock and disgust I'll teach you all a lesson. Arms up! the girls are forced to kneel on their desks with their arms up in the air Can't you greet your new form tutor with respect?
Girl 1 and Girl 2 look at each other in horror
GIRL 1: Form tutor?!
Mr Oh strolls up and down the aisles.
MR OH: Due to personal matters, Mrs Park is unable to continue her duties. I'll be taking over from her, you understand? This means two things. One, a better chance of getting into college. Two, you'll have no personal life for a year. The new term of your senior year has got you all excited. I advise you to get rid of cheap sentimentalism. It's a luxury a senior year student cannot afford! You understand? close up of class on desk, looking stressed My motto is 'Keep your own place'. This will be the class motto from now on. You're each others' rivals. close up of Jung-Sook Actually, you're enemies. close up of So-Young The worst enemy in war is yourself. You can defeat your inner enemy. You can be a winner... I've rescheduled the mock exams for tomorrow. Be prepared. girls mutter in shock and disgust Get used to it and stop whining. It's for evaluation purposes. Do the best you can. If you don't have what it takes, tough. Class dismissed. Start clearing up.
Mr Oh walks out; the girls all collapse on their desks, sighing and complaining quietly.

- Cut to next day, at the beginning of the mock exam for Form 3. A sheaf of exam papers crashes down on a desk, and the girls at the front take one and hand them back to the girl behind. Girls take exam in silence.
- Cut to girl's bathroom after exam. The two most bitchy girls in the class are studying their teeth and their nose rings in the mirror.
GIRL 3: I wish we had exams every day...
GIRL 4: Huh?
GIRL 3: Then school ends early.
GIRL 4: Bitch, exams never stopped you leaving early! You're always the first to scarper!
GIRL 3: It's best to relax after an exam.
GIRL 4: Bullshit!
girl 3 looks at her nose ring in the mirror, and fiddles with it.
GIRL 4: Is it stuck?
GIRL 3: Shit, it's blocked.
GIRL 4: Strange, we got pierced on the same day... I've got no problems.
girl 4 tries to release girl 3's nose ring, pulling on it, making girl 3 yelp
GIRL 4: Stop whining, bitch. See! It's going in.
GIRL 3: Stop it, it hurts!
GIRL 4: I'm trying to take it out, you slut! Want a bloody slit up your nose?
Jae-Yi enters the bathroom, and tries to get the girls' attention. She walks past them, giggling, and bumps into girl 4
GIRL 3: Hey! What are you looking at?
Jae-Yi looks alarmed, fearing a fight might start.
GIRL 3: outraged You bitch, are you ignoring me?
just as things start to look nasty, Ji-Oh comes out of one of the toilet cubicles and approaches Jae-Yi
JI-OH: What's all the fuss? looks at Jae-Yi, who looks down nervously, then grabs her arm and leads her past the two other girls
GIRL 3: Mind your own business, you psychic!

- Cut to crowded form room. Girls are all chattering and laughing in their little cliques, except for Ji-Oh, who is gazing pensively at the ceiling, where a red stain has appeared on the white paint. She looks down at the similar stain she noticed earlier on the carved J.J initials on her desk. Clearly she's wondering if they are made of the same substance.
- Cut to old picture of the young Hur Run-Young in a yearbook. She is standing in the library, smiling at the old pictures of her former classmates. She sighs, and puts the yearbook away on the shelf. As she is doing so she notices two of the books are missing: 1993 and 1996. Her thoughts are interrupted by a voice, speaking to her.
VOICE OF SO-YOUNG: I'll ask them to replace the missing yearbooks.
Eun-Young looks around and sees So-Young, reading a book behind her.
SO-YOUNG: So you were a student here?
EUN-YOUNG: How did you know?
SO-YOUNG: You were pretty famous as the student with looks and brains.
EUN-YOUNG: laughs embarrassedly My grades were nothing special. And some of the girls in the yearbook are prettier than me.
SO-YOUNG: What made you decide to become a teacher? she walks across, and picks out another book I guess it's not so bad after all... can we drop the formalities when we're alone?
EUN-YOUNG: laughs if you like
SO-YOUNG: also laughing The teachers often compare us to each other. But they say I'm prettier and smarter than you.
EUN-YOUNG: thoughtfully You're certainly pretty. But do you get good grades?
SO-YOUNG: Yes, I'm applying for Seoul National University.
EUN-YOUNG: To do what?
SO-YOUNG: Doesn't matter, it's the best university.
EUN-YOUNG: There must be something that interests you.
SO-YOUNG: Nothing special. Besides, I hate studying. Once I get a place, I'll never study again! With their degree, I could open a restaurant and make money.
EUN-YOUNG: laughing Yes. But even with a restaurant, it wouldn't hurt to read Joyce... she takes another book off the shelf

- Cut to Ji-Oh in the art room after school, doing a big painting on an easel. She looks up, feeling someone is watching her, and sees Jae-Yi. Quickly Ji-Oh turns her canvas over.
JI-OH: You still here? Why don't you go home?
Jae-Yi walks over to her and shyly holds out a can of soft drink towards Ji-Oh
JAE-YI: I didn't get a chance to thank you in the toilets.
JI-OH: laughing awkwardly You like to do girly things, don't you? takes the can Thanks, I'll drink it, anyway. she moves a chair towards Jae-Yi Have a seat.
JAE-YI: Are you applying to art school?
JI-OH: Not everyone can get into art school. I'm not supposed to have any talent.
JAE-YI: How would you know?
JI-OH: shrugs It's what my mum says. She thinks it's a waste of time. clicks tongue She's right. This is just for fun. I just enjoy drawing.
JAE-YI: hesitantly I want to see it.
JI-OH: equally hesitant No way. It's embarrassing.
JAE-YI: I know. You can't show your pictures to everybody. looks crestfallen, looking down at her feet
JI-OH: awkwardly You're like a little girl. OK, you make me feel sorry. I'll show you.
Ji-Oh slowly turns over her canvas and shocks Jae-Yi: it's a rather well-done, very lurid portrait of Mrs Park with a noose around her neck, dead, with blood coming out of her eyes.

JI-OH: I warned you... I didn't want to show you.
JAE-YI: Why paint something so scary?
JI-OH: pensively What? Hmm... Hmm... I mean, school can be horrible and stupid for both students and teachers. You can have such bad memories, like witnessing a tragic death... know what I mean? I guess that's why I can't erase that last image of Old Fox from my head. It's like an inspiration. raises eyebrows apologetically
JAE-YI: smiling It's great.
JI-OH: What is?
JAE-YI: You are. You speak like an artist.
JI-OH: You're kidding. I can't even paint.
JAE-YI: Of course you can. You need to improve your skills, but you know how to control light. Bad paintings drain the life out of their subjects, because they lack this quality. But this painting shows an understanding of light. It's obvious you have a good eye for these things. You'll be a good painter.
Ji-Oh stares at her, astonished and bemused
JI-OH: You must have studied painting.
JAE-YI: Oh... a long time ago.
JI-OH: When? In junior school?
JAE-YI: No... longer than that. I gave it up. They said I had no talent... like someone I know.
JI-OH: laughs quietly Youn Jae-Yi, will you teach me how to paint? You can draw your own pictures while you're teaching me. No?
JAE-YI: dubiously I...
JI-OH: Is it yes or no?
JAE-YI: pauses a moment to think All right. I can't teach you much, but if you insist... promise you'll respect me as a teacher, OK?
JI-OH: sternly Now you sound like Mad Dog (note: Mr Oh's nickname) ... we're sworn enemies. Don't tell me you're his niece?
both girls giggle at that.

- Cut to Eun-Young standing outside door of room 3-3. She opens the door and sees a girl sitting in there, her back to her. It is Jung-Sook, who is sitting and just staring at nothing, a totally blank, scary expression on her face.

Slowly Jung-Sook comes to, turns around and sees Eun-Young. They stare at each other for a while, then Jung-Sook leaps up, packs her bag and leaves the room. Eun-Young looks and then notices the J.J initials carved into the desk. She sits down at it, and runs her fingers over the letters.
- Cut to flashback: young Eun-Young is wiping away all the bits of wood she gouged out of the desk while carving J.J into it.
VOICE OF EUN-YOUNG: Isn't this great, Jin-Ju?
- Cut back to Eun-Young sitting at the desk. A voice startles her out of her memory.
Eun-Young looks up. Ji-Oh is standing by the doorway.
JI-OH: What are you doing at my desk?
EUN-YOUNG: Um... is this your desk?
JI-OH: Yes. uncomfortable silence What brings you to our classroom?
EUN-YOUNG: This used to be my classroom. It brings back memories. It's still pretty much the same.
JI-OH: remembering the carved initials on her desk I didn't do that!
EUN-YOUNG: laughing I know. I did it when I was a student.
JI-OH: Was that your desk?
EUN-YOUNG: Ah, no... it was my friend Jin-Ju's.
Ji-Oh fetches her paintbrushes from her locker.
JI-OH: Excuse me. leaves the room
Eun-Young starts to remember that day again when she carved the initials on the desk.
VOICE OF YOUNG EUN-YOUNG: Jin-Ju, this will be your desk forever.
Eun-Young suddenly hears the sound of footsteps and silver bells and, startled, leaps up and looks out into the corridor. There is a girl walking down the corridor holding the exact same little silver bells as Jin-Ju gave to her. For a moment, Eun-Young is frightened, thinking it's the ghost of Jin-Ju; but when the girl turns around, she sees it's Ji-Oh, who looks confused as to why the teacher is staring at her, but who gives her a little bow and goes into the art room.
- Cut to inside the art room: Ji-Oh sits down behind her easel. While she's waiting for Jae-Yi, she notices Jae-Yi's personal diary sitting on the desk. She can't resist having a look. The diary is full of sketches and drawings. SHe closes the book just before Jae-Yi comes back in, carrying two drinks. She hands one to Ji-Oh, then sits at the opposite easel.
VOICE OF EUN-YOUNG: Her address is in my diary.
- Cut to Eun-Young, on the phone in the staffroom.
EUN-YOUNG: I want to meet her family... I'll explain later. It's really important. I'll drop by later to pick up my diary. 'Bye, mum. she hangs up. Mr Oh is sitting next to her.
MR OH: Looking for an old flame?
EUN-YOUNG: Ah no, a girlfriend from high school.
MR OH: Did you lose touch after graduation?
EUN-YOUNG: Sort of.
MR OH: Call that friendship? Not keeping in touch with each other? I guess it happens when you're busy.
EUN-YOUNG: sighs She died... in the school.
MR OH: Ah! The girl who killed herself at school? Was she your friend? Of course, you were in Mrs Park's class. But why are you looking for her family?
EUN-YOUNG: Just being curious...
MR OH: charmingly picking his nose Go to the school storage room. I've heard her ghost haunts the place. You'll meet her there. laughs A couple of girls claim to have seen the ghost there...
- Cut to the old, abandoned art room buildings on campus
VOICE OF MR OH: She died in the art room, didn't she? It used to be the art room. Shit! She must have jinxed the place... we've had builders getting sick or hurt. That's why they can't demolish the place...
- Cut to Eun-Young, standing, facing the old art rooms
VOICE OF MR OH: Of all the places to die, why the hell choose the school?
A quick flashback: a girl's hand pounding on a door, inter cut back to Eun-Young, remembering the horrible night of Jin-Ju's death, then bursting into tears, facing away from the abandoned buildings. Fade to black.

- Cut to Mr Oh, striding down the corridor, looking livid, carrying Ji-Oh's painting of Mrs Park under his arm. He storms into room 3-3.
MR OH: screaming Lim Ji-Oh, you piece of shit! Are you crazy. The vice-principal nearly had a heart attack... he walks up to her, holding out the painting ...when he found this in the art room. Why the fuck did you draw this? Are you trying to mess with me?
JI-OH: No sir.
MR OH: Don't bullshit me! he hits Ji-Oh so hard it sends her flying to the floor, then proceeds to smash up her painting and slams that down on the floor too. Degenerate! he walks over to where Ji-Oh is sitting on the floor crying. She gets up. You must be a psycho, a maniac. I blame your parents. They don't give a fuck about your education! Get out of my sight. You disgust me. walks towards her Go away! he smacks her across the head Go away, you little shit!

he grabs her, and throws her down on the floor again Go, go, GO! kicks Ji-Oh in the leg. Ji-Oh gets up to leave, and tries to take the smashed painting, but Mr Oh puts his foot on it and pins it to the floor. Try to take it. She does try to take it, and he attacks her again, slapping and punching her. You psycho, you want to die?
- Cut to all the girls, terrified and upset. Jung-Sook in particular is paying attention. She slowly turns away, as if she were thinking about it all.

- Cut to old art rooms - Eun-Young is back there, staring at them.
- Cut back to staffroom, where Mr Oh is talking to So-Young.
MR OH: I told your mum not to worry. She's worried about your first senior exam. starts to stroke So-Young's hair
SO-YOUNG: Please may I go now?
MR OH: Why? What's the hurry?
SO-YOUNG: I should get back to my books.
MR OH: laughs, and gets up from his chair. You're not rude to your friends. Why are you rude to your teacher? starts playing with So-Young's ear A woman should be like candy floss.
Eun-Young, now back in the staffroom, is watching this sleazy scene with horror.
- Cut to outside in the corridor. So-Young is walking under the sign that reads "Staffroom". She hears Eun-Young call out to her, and stops, turning around.
EUN-YOUNG: So-Young... do you know where I can find that painting of your classmate?
SO-YOUNG: laughs They must have thrown it away. Mad Dog tore it to pieces.
SO-YOUNG: I apologise. That's what we call Mr Oh.
EUN-YOUNG: laughs Shouldn't it be 'Mr Pervert'?
both of them burst into giggles.
EUN-YOUNG: Whose painting is it?
SO-YOUNG: Lim Ji-Oh's.
EUN-YOUNG: pensively Oh...

- Cut to Jae-Yi and Ji-Oh sitting on a high wall, overlooking the school.
JI-OH: It's for the best. No more painting for me.
JAE-YI: shocked You want to give up painting?
JI-OH: resigned There's nowhere to paint.
pause while both are thinking
JAE-YI: There's a place. The teachers will never know... ah, never mind.
Ji-Oh looks pensive, then stands up.
JAE-YI: What?
JI-OH: Let's go.
JAE-YI: Where? suddenly realises where Ji-Oh means I was joking. You can't draw there.
JI-OH: Why not?
JAE-YI: It's a mess. Full of cabinets and rats.
JI-OH: Just to have a look?
JAE-YI: Are you crazy? The place is haunted, even during the day!
JI-OH: exasperated Then you stay here. I'll look out for the ghosts, OK? walks off, moving up the steps. Jae-Yi stays behind.
- Cut to Eun-Young, searching through the school rubbish bins. She finds Ji-Oh's smashed painting and takes it to the art room.
- Cut to old abandoned art room. It's full of clutter and mess, stacked up and broken chairs, gloomy and dark. So-Young is sitting in there, smoking a cigarette, looking fed up. Ji-Oh comes in and looks up at her.
JI-OH: Who taught you to smoke?
SO-YOUNG: laughs No-one. Ever seen me learn from anyone?
JI-OH: surveying the scene How brave of you! No-one ever sets foot in this place.
SO-YOUNG: I prefer ghosts. Besides, didn't you know? I'm a ghost myself. sneers a little
JI-OH: So this is the infamous art room? Then lend me some space. I need a place to paint. I've been banned from the art room.
SO-YOUNG: laughs quietly Wouldn't you like to kill him?
JI-OH: Yeah, why don't you do the honours?
SO-YOUNG: thoughtfully You'll have to pay rent. Finders keepers, you know. Then I'll keep quiet about it.
JI-OH: Rent?!
the two girls walk out together
VOICE OF JI-OH: Aren't you supposed to be a rich bitch?
as they leave, the camera zooms in on the two missing yearbooks, hidden behind a pile of rubbish. Fade to white.

- Cut to Ji-Oh's painting of Mrs Park, all broken and torn. Eun-Young is looking at it and wincing, playing with her silver bells again. She hears someone enter the art room, and looks up. It's the young male art teacher.
EUN-YOUNG: I'm sorry. I came to ask you something and the door was open. I apologise.
ART TEACHER: It's OK. Have a seat. You haven't been put in detention! he notices the painting on the table, and exclaims over it. Someone did quite a number on this. Why bring it here?
EUN-YOUNG: I was curious. But the staffroom...
ART TEACHER: It's uncomfortable, isn't it?
EUN-YOUNG: smiles Yes. I still feel like a student.
ART TEACHER: Is that so? I've worked here a long time... and I still feel uncomfortable. he sits down. Eun-Young notices a whole load of portraits of students around the room, done in pencil.
EUN-YOUNG: Do you sketch only students' faces?
ART TEACHER: I like their expressions... what did you want to ask me?
EUN-YOUNG: Hmm... yes... it's about this painting -
they are interrupted by the entrance of Ji-Oh
ART TEACHER: Oh, you're here.
Ji-Oh bows to them. Eun-Young quickly hides her silver bells from Ji-Oh's site. Art teacher looks back at Eun-Young.
ART TEACHER: What did you say?
EUN-YOUNG: I was in the art club when I was at school...
ART TEACHER: You were? So you need to paint?
Ji-Oh is packing up all her work and supplies, having been banned from using the art room any longer.
EUN-YOUNG: No, I sculpted faces in plaster.
ART TEACHER: Sculpted?
EUN-YOUNG: I used to do friends' busts as a hobby.
ART TEACHER: They must have been a great gift.
Ji-Oh picks up her box and heads for the door.
EUN-YOUNG: Hmm... I hope they were.
JI-OH: Excuse me?
ART TEACHER: to Eun-Young Just a moment... goes to Ji-Oh, and hands her a beautiful chrome-plated paintbrush. Take it. she does Don't give up painting.
Ji-Oh smiles shyly at him, and leaves the room.

- Cut to the Form 3 class motto, now painted on a plaque and hung on the wall of room 3-3: 'Keep Your Own Place'. Mr Oh is addressing the class, following the mock exam results.
MR OH: Park So-Young, top of the class. Go ahead, give her a big hand. class applaud half-heartedly Kim Jung-Sook, you're second in the class, yet your school rank is twenty-fifth. What's the point of studying long hours if you're not paying attention? If you're not clever enough, imitate So-Young. fetches exam papers from his book Form captain, hand these out when I'm finished.
FORM CAPTAIN: Attention -
MR OH: cutting in Don't bother, you shits. How can the class with the school's best student have the worst score? Don't greet me until you improve the class average, d'you hear? walks back to the front of the class.

- Cut to Eun-Young
, seen from a first person perspective through the window of the staffroom. It's dark outside now. She walks through the room, and there bumps into Mr Oh.
EUN-YOUNG: Do you have Mrs Park's class book?
MR OH: No, but perhaps Mr Kim knows where it is.
Eun-Young bows to Mr Oh and leaves the room. First-person perspective shot, watching Mr Oh through the staffroom window from outside in the dark.
MR OH: to self Night patrolling with female teachers? End of lonely nights.
- Cut back to Ji-Oh, in the old abandoned art room with Jae-Yi. She's got it set up with supplies and easels.
JI-OH: What do you think? Not bad, eh?
Jae-Yi prowls around, looking nervous but smiling. Then she realises she's got dust on her blazer sleeve, and inspects it closely.
JI-OH: What's wrong?
JAE-YI: showing her sleeve It's full of dust. Look!
JI-OH: chuckles You have a vain side to you, don't you?
JAE-YI: Aren't you scared of this place? All those ghosts...
JI-OH: I'm not scared. In fact, I quite like it here. It's like home.
JAE-YI: Really?
JI-OH: Why, don't you like it?
JAE-YI: smiling Yes. I like everything you like.
Ji-Oh grins at that.

- Cut to all the girls pouring out of the school gate at the end of the day. A woman is sitting in her car bonnet, waiting for one of the students. Her arms are folded and she looks angry. So-Young leaves the crowd and walks towards her slowly and reluctantly. The woman is So-Young's mother: she takes So-Young by the arm and leads her into the car. Jung-Sook is staring at them, her expression hurt and accusing, and she watches them leave.

- Cut to darkened school corridor. Mr Oh appears, carrying a torch, patrolling. He looks up and down the corridor. Finding nothing, he goes upstairs, and checks that corridor over. He is about to go downstairs when he hears a metallic clang sound from the corridor, which sounds like it came from upstairs. He checks upstairs, and still doesn't find anything. All the doors are padlocked, except for the one out onto the balcony, which is jammed half-open. He tries to force it open.
MR OH: to self Shit, what's going on here?
he gives it a kick out of frustration and then goes back down the stairs. But the stuck door suddenly bangs shut, startling him. He trips and falls backwards down two flights of stairs, landing back in the darkened corridor. He's broken his torch and hurt his foot.
MR OH: to self What the fuck...
he tries to get up but has some difficulty walking. He leans against the wall, then hears some more strange sounds coming from one of the classrooms on the third level. The metal signs hanging outside the rooms are swinging violently on their own, but then they stop. Mr Oh is looking bewildered and a bit nervous at this point. Suddenly, the signs start to swing again and one of them flies off and hits Mr Oh in the head, knocking him over and causing a big wound in his forehead. Just as he tries to get up, he sees a figure at the end of the corridor who wasn't there previously; it's the figure of a faceless schoolgirl with her hair in a ponytail, silent, unmoving, watching him.

He turns to look down the other end of the corridor, and she's there as well.
MR OH: Who is there?
Just as he speaks, a hand comes over his shoulders and tries to touch his neck, but as he turns to look, the hand disappears backwards into the gloom. When he turns back, though, the ghostly figure is right up close to him.
MR OH: Who are you?
The hand from behind him suddenly grabs him by the neck and flings him across the corridor. He leaps to his feet and leans back against the left-hand wall of the corridor, in a doorway. He is bleeding and terrified. Suddenly, the hand shoots out from behind him and strangles him.

He breaks free and stumbles away, trying to escape. But as he reaches the end of the corridor by the stairwell, he stops. The ghost girl is standing there, waiting for him. He staggers away, but she reappears in front of him at the other end of the corridor. He runs into room 3-3 to hide, and flops down into a chair, gasping for breath. When he sees the figure go past the open door, he freaks out, tries to run and falls over the chairs and desks. When he hits the floor, he looks at his hands and finds them covered in blood. As he staggers and collapses onto a desk, he looks up and sees the figure in the room with him. She has an art knife in her hand.

As he stands to try to escape, one of the white curtains at the window blows over his head and wraps tightly around his face and neck, strangling and suffocating him at the same time.

The curtain winds around his whole body, and then it flings him through the window, shattering the glass. The ghost figure then stabs him with the art knife, also cutting off his ear in a revenge attack for messing with So-Young's ear. Fade to white.

- Cut to the next morning. Babble of excited, horrified female chatter. A supply teacher is addressing Form 3.
SUPPLY TEACHER: Quiet! I'll be filling in for Mr Oh today. So please behave. sudden chatter
GIRL 5: He didn't come in today?
Ji-Oh is engrossed in looking at the ceiling. The previously small red stain has grown much bigger.
GIRL 3: Is anything wrong?
SUPPLY TEACHER: How should I know? more chatter. Teacher starts to take register Kim Nuri?
KIM NURI: Here...
CHOI ANNA: Here...
- Cut to teachers in the staffroom, discussing Mr Oh.
TEACHER 1: He must have fallen asleep in the sauna. Totally ghost-prooof.
TEACHER 2: horrified A ghost must have got him!
- Cut back to Form 3.
SUPPLY TEACHER: Kim Jung-Sook? pause, silence. She's not there. Kim Jung-Sook? Is that her seat?
GIRL 5: Yes.
SUPPLY TEACHER: She's not here yet?
GIRL 5: No, she hasn't arrived.
the two gossipy girls start to whisper to another
GIRL 1: What's up? She's never late.
Ji-Oh suddenly notices the red stain on the ceiling is beginning to drip down the wall.
GIRL 1: pensively It was Mad Dog's turn. The ghost got him. I'm positive.
GIRL 2: What gave you that idea?
GIRL 1: pauses Do I still look like your friend? the two girls laugh and Girl 2 hits Girl 1 with a sheaf of papers. The supply teacher glares at them, and they both hide behind two big open books.
- Cut to empty corridor. The two gossips, having been sent out, carry their desks out of the classroom and put them up against the window. They both sit down at their desks and start chatting. The supply teacher storms out of the classroom and glares at them again, so they hurriedly pick up their desks and move them against the classroom wall, where he can keep an eye on them. They're shuffling and uncomfortable.
GIRL 1: Stop it!
GIRL 2: looking down corridor Look - isn't that Jung-Sook?
Jung-Sook is wandering down the corridor. She looks wretched, disoriented and miserable.
VOICE OF JI-OH: I'm sure he was killed last night...
- Cut to Ji-Oh and Jae-Yi, hanging out together in the old art room.
JAE-YI: What makes you think so?
JI-OH: fearfully I can feel it... just like the day Old Fox died. I feel as if I'd killed Mad Dog myself... thoughtful, anxious pause while Ji-Oh collects herself Do you think I was possessed... and murdered Mad Dog?
JAE-YI: Whoever did it... aren't you glad that he's gone?
JI-OH: irritated Look, I'm not joking. This is serious... what if I really am possessed? What can I do?
JAE-YI: lowers head and giggles Ji-Oh, you're so serious. Don't worry. He's a die-hard. He must be playing truant.
- Cut to school bridge
- Cut to Jung-Sook, standing alone in the corridor
VOICE OF MRS PARK: from one of Eun-Young's flashbacks Do as I say, Eun-Young.
- Cut to Eun-Young, experiencing another flashback
VOICE OF MRS PARK: You'll thank me one day.
- Cut to Mrs Park and young Eun-Young. Mrs Park is playing with Eun-Young's name badge.
MRS PARK: You won't regret it. You need to choose your friends. She's not good for you
- end of flashback
- Cut back to Eun-Young. Mr Kim is holding out a markbook. She slowly wakes up and looks at him.
MR KIM: Looking for this? smiles
MR KIM: What for? It's only going to depress you. He leaves, and Eun-Young opens the Form 3 markbook. Inside is written 'Mrs Park's classbook'. She is looking for Ji-Oh's page, and eventually finds it. In it, the report about Ji-Oh from Mrs Park reads: 'Lacks the will and ability to apply to college.' Eun-Young keeps flicking through the current markbook, until she finds the notes '89-98', with '89', '93' and '96' circled in red. It's what Mrs Park was writing the night she died. She suddenly realises that these three numbers are the same years as the missing yearbooks in the library. As she leaves the library, she bumps into So-Young. They both look equally spooked.
EUN-YOUNG: Oh, it's you, So-Young.
SO-YOUNG: Is anything wrong?
EUN-YOUNG: No. Nothing. Did you say there were spare yearbooks?
SO-YOUNG: smiles No, they suddenly disappeared. So stupid. So typical of the school system... have you found the painting?
SO-YOUNG: Ji-Oh's. You wanted to see it.
EUN-YOUNG: remembering Oh. Oh yes, I did. Do you know Ji-Oh well?
SO-YOUNG: Not really. She sits next to me. Why? laughs contemptuously She's nothing special, apart from her ability to call the spirits.
EUN-YOUNG: alarmed Call the spirits?
SO-YOUNG: sneering Probably her way of getting attention. If you're so curious, she's in the storage room, painting.
Eun-Young is now halfway convinced that Ji-Oh is possessed by spirits... or one herself.

- Cut to classroom with Form 3. So-Young is writing some algebra on the blackboard, while the other girls watch. Suddenly, someone rips a page out of a book. The maths teacher looks round.
MATHS TEACHER: What was that?
Everyone stops, including So-Young, and turns to look.

It is Jung-Sook, and she is ripping pages out of her textbook, calmly at first but then more hysterically.

MATHS TEACHER: What are you doing?
Jung-Sook stops, and just stares into space.
MATHS TEACHER: Come here. silence Come here you bitch!
Jung-Sook is standing in the aisle between desks. The teacher strides furiously towards her and slaps her so hard across the face it splits her lip and throws her to the floor. The girls all shriek with fear. Jung-Sook gets up; her mouth is bloody. She wipes the blood with her hand, and then turns around and looks murderously at the violent teacher...

...and then redirects her psychotic gaze towards So-Young.

- Cut to So-Young, smoking in the old art room. She looks upset and hassled. She stamps on her cigarette and moves to leave. But when she gets up, she spots the missing yearbooks, hidden away in a corner. She crouches down and picks them up.
- Cut to first person perspective of someone approaching So-Young from behind.
- Cut back to So-Young, and when she stands up, she sees Jung-Sook standing there, waiting for her.
SO-YOUNG: What brings you here? silence Are you following me? Forget it. I have nothing against you. I've never tried to avoid you. Let's just say we're different.
So-Young tries to walk out past Jung-Sook, but Jung-Sook grabs hold of So-Young's arm forcefully.
JUNG-SOOK: Meet me after evening studies.
SO-YOUNG: laughs, surprised Why? Can't we talk now?
JUNG-SOOK: thoughtfully Is your sister coming to pick you up?
SO-YOUNG: confused Sister?
JUNG-SOOK: Sorry, was that your stepmother? She looks so young.
furious at this, So-Young pushes Jung-Sook's arm away very hard.
SO-YOUNG: Kim Jung-Sook. Mind your own business, will you?
JUNG-SOOK: Is your real mother still in the loony bin?
So-Young pulls her hand back and slaps Jung-Sook really hard across the face
SO-YOUNG: livid Bitch! To think I took pity on you. You think you can beat me? Try again. You don't have what it takes. We're different. Can't you get it? You're a loser.
So-Young stalks out, leaving Jung-Sook standing alone in the old art room. Jae-Yi enters to find Jung-Sook in there.

- Cut to flashback of Jin-Ju, locked in the art room, screaming
VOICE OF MRS PARK: Your mother will save you. After all, she's a shaman.
- Cut back to Eun-Young, deep in thought.
VOICE OF EUN-YOUNG: I never spread those rumours. It was Mrs Park who told me.
- Cut back to flashback. All the lights are turned out. Young Eun-Young is standing still, amongst all the chaos of the girls running about.
VOICE OF EUN-YOUNG: I was afraid I'd be ostracised it I took your side.
Young Eun-Young walks away from the old art room, scared.
VOICE OF EUN-YOUNG: I never thought anything bad would happen, I swear.
- Cut back to Eun-Young, then back again to young Eun-Young, watching other kids bully Jin-Ju. She just walks away, but meets Mrs Park in the corridor.
VOICE OF EUN-YOUNG: If I continued to meet you, she threatened to expel you for my sake. I was afraid.
- Cut back to Eun-Young, end of flashback. She is crying.
EUN-YOUNG: I'm sorry, Jin-Ju.

- Cut to Ji-Oh painting in the old art room. It's dark outside now. Unknown to her, Eun-Young is watching her through the window. SHe has a sudden flashback of a girl, covered in blood, grasping a white plaster bust, also bloody.

Eun-Young closes her eyes, but then opens them and continues watching Ji-Oh. This brings on another flashback.
- Cut to painting of young Eun-Young done by Jin-Ju, signed 'To my friend Eun-Young, from Jin-Ju'. Young Eun-Young uncovers a plaster bust of Jin-Ju: the face is hidden.
VOICE OF YOUNG EUN-YOUNG: Does it look like you? Don't ever lose it.
- Cut back to adult Eun-Young; her hand is outstretched towards the art room door, which opens. Ji-Oh looks up startled.
- Cut to Jung-Sook. She is standing on the bridge where Mrs Park was found. Her face is a mask of anger and misery.

- Cut back to Eun-Young and Ji-Oh, facing each other down in the old art room.
JI-OH: exclaiming I told you, I'm Ji-Oh!
EUN-YOUNG: angry Then why do you have those bells? Where did you get them from?
JI-OH: A friend gave them to me.
EUN-YOUNG: getting increasingly hysterical Jin-Ju is dead. This is where she died about nine years ago. I saw it. She couldn't have given you those bells.
JI-OH: baffled What are you talking about? Jae-Yi gave them to me. Youn Jae-Yi.
both of them stare at each other in a moment of realisation.
- Cut to Eun-Young walking through the school grounds quickly, still in tears.
- Cut back to Ji-Oh, looking anxiously at her own little set of bells, when she suddenly spots something white hidden beneath the old broken floorboards.
- Cut to So-Young, sitting in the library with the two missing yearbooks. She is not going to meet with Jung-Sook. She sits and waits for Eun-Young to arrive when she suddenly hears a scream. Eun-Young, who is outside the entrance to the main school, also hears it. She runs towards the source of the scream, and finds a girl crying there. Eun-Young looks up and sees Jung-Sook, dead, having hanged herself in the same place where Mrs Park was found hanging.
- Cut back to Ji-Oh, who is ripping up the old floorboards in the old art room. She finds the old plaster bust of Jin-Ju half buried in the earth.
- Cut to flashback. Jin-Ju, locked in the art room, accidentally knocks the bust young Eun-Young made for her. In trying to save it form getting smashed, she falls and knocks over all the other busts in the room, which in turn knock off a load of art knives resting on a table. One kills Jin-Ju. She dies clutching the bust of herself, stabbed by a falling art knife. The school covered up the fact that Mrs Park locked her in there and inadvertantly getting her killed by saying it was suicide.
- Cut to Ji-Oh, holding the plaster bust, which is inscribed ' To my friend Jin-Ju, from Eun-Young'. However, when she looks down again at the hole in the floorboards, she sees something else buried in there. She grabs it, and tries to pull it out; it's the dead hand of Mr Oh, left to rot under the floorboards in the old art room. Ji-Oh screams and falls over.
- Cut to crying group of girls, watching Mr Kim carry Jung-Sook's corpse out of the school, covered in a coat. However, one girl has got her back turned to all the chaos. It's So-Young.
- Cut to Eun-Young, sitting in the corridor, in total shock. She hears someone crying their heart out in the library. Eun-Young goes there, and finds So-Young.
- Cut to wind blowing through empty classroom, blowing the ripped papers of Jung-Sook's book around.
VOICE OF SO-YOUNG: We used to be close. Very close. The teachers started comparing us...
- Cut back to So-Young, still sobbing, Eun-Young's arm around her.
SO-YOUNG: ...and we drifted apart. She became distant. I never reached out to her. But... I never thought... it would come to this. It's all my fault.
both So-Young and Eun-Young are crying.
- Cut back to Jung-Sook's ripped book in the empty room 3-3. Jae-Yi is there: she collects up the book and notepad and puts them in her bag, completely unmoved.
- Cut back to the plaster bust in the old art room. Ji-Oh is crying, clutching her paintbrush.
- Cut back to Eun-Young in the library. So-Young has gone. She sees the missing yearbooks So-Young left out for her on the table, all covered in dirt and slime. She opens them, and then discovers the truth that Mrs Park was trying to tell her the night she died, and that she's been trying to find out herself ever since. On the blood-spattered pages of the 1993 book, she finds a picture of her dead friend Jin-Ju, only with the name Kang Hyum-Soo: on the pages of the 1996 yearbook, she finds the exact same picture... except this time, the name is Park Ji-Sung.

VOICE OF GHOST: You should never have returned.
Eun-Young looks up, frightened.
- Cut to Jae-Yi's diary: written in red ink is Once again Mrs Park has become the form tutor. Ji-Oh is reading the diary in growing horror, now understanding what's happening. But also written in red is Ji-Oh hasn't deserted me.

- Cut to flashback of Jae-Yi as Ji-Oh realises that Jae-Yi is the ghost of Jin-Ju, and was the one who murdered Mrs Park and Mr Oh... and that Eun-Young is in terrible danger.
- Cut to Jae-Yi in the library, glaring murderously at Eun-Young.
EUN-YOUNG: You're not Jae-Yi. Nor are you Jin-Ju. You're not Eun-Young. I've always been Eun-Young. I still am.
JAE-YI: No. You can't be the same Eun-Young as before. You'll become like Old Fox.
EUN-YOUNG: You're wrong. I'm still Jin-Ju's friend, Eun-Young.
Jae-Yi glares even more murderously at her
JAE-YI: It's no use now. she holds up an art knife, the same one she used to stab the other two teachers. I didn't want to hurt you. But I have no choice now. she descends on Eun-Young, but is stopped in her tracks by Ji-Oh's scream.
JI-OH: Jae-Yi!
while Jae-Yi is distracted, Eun-Young tries to run. Jae-Yi slashes her arm with the art knife, but Eun-Young still manages to run away. She runs all the way up to the stairwell. Jae-Yi follows her, but as Eun-Young reaches the middle of the corridor, she sees Jae-Yi appear at the opposite end to where she was. She is trapped, but has no choice but to keep running.
- Cut back to bloodstained, open yearbooks. Ji-Oh is looking at them, and it confirms her worst fears.
- Cut back to Eun-Young, still being chased by Jae-Yi. She stops in an upstairs corridor to get her breath back, only for a window to smash all over her. The other windows then all explosively shatter. She runs into a classroom to escape the smashing windows. The sign falls off the door: it says '3-3', Form 3's classroom. Suddenly, she sees Jae-Yi in the classroom. Jae-Yi throws her to the floor.
EUN-YOUNG: sobbing You'll never kill me.
JAE-YI: Without you, I can continue to be a student.
EUN-YOUNG: calmer Stop it. What good would it do? You're a ghost!
JAE-YI: regretfully At first, I just wanted to have a yearbook. But then I wanted more. I wanted a friend who cared about me.
EUN-YOUNG: You can't keep coming back to school this way. You're not human!
JAE-YI: looks hurt by this I just wanted to be in this classroom... like these desks, without any problems. For the past nine years, no-one suspected my identity. No-one noticed I was here, or whether I was human or not. I just had to fill the empty seats, and be there during head counts.
EUN-YOUNG: I understand... but you must stop now.
JAE-YI: suddenly angry again You don't understand now that you're a teacher.
EUN-YOUNG: What happened to you will never happen again.
JAE-YI: It happens all the time. It always has, and it always will.
EUN-YOUNG: crying Trust me, Jin-Ju. I'll do my best. Trust me.
JAE-YI: There's only so much a teacher can do. she holds up the knife and approaches Eun-Young. Ji-Oh bursts in.
JI-OH: wearily Stop it, Jae-Yi. Stop. Doesn't matter whether you're human or a ghost. I don't care. But you have gone too far this time.
JAE-YI: Don't worry Ji-Oh. Everything will go back to normal.
JI-OH: We can't go back. Not like this.
JAE-YI: Don't worry, Ji-Oh.
JI-OH: You have to stop. I can't let you go on harming the teachers... for my sake.
JAE-YI: visibly upset I've waited so long for you... I can't give up now.
JI-OH: You have to stop.
- Cut back to reveal Ji-Oh is holding the sharp end of her chrome paintbrush against her own throat
JAE-YI: shaking head It's no good, Ji-Oh.
JI-OH: Lay a finger on her and I'm gone. Stop the horrors. I can understand you now. But this bloodshed has to end!
Ji-Oh goes over to Eun-Young on the floor, leans down and turns to Jae-Yi. Jae-Yi is crying now.
JAE-YI: So many things I wanted to do... I always longed for a friend who would reach out to me. Now I've met that friend.
JI-OH: crying I love you with all my heart, too. It's true. But not this way. Please! Leave the rest to us. Rest in peace, Jae-Yi.
JAE-YI: I never meant to hurt anyone... all I ever wanted was a friend, and to leave with good memories, that's all... you're right, I can't stay like this, because I'm not human.
EUN-YOUNG: I'm so sorry. We will never forget you.
- Cut to Jae-Yi's bare feet: she drops the knife and it lands on the floor by her feet. She gives one last sad look at the two crying women, and then slowly disappears.
- Cut to plaster bust of Jin-Ju. It begins to crack on its own, and blood pours out of it. Blood starts to pour out of the ceiling and down the walls of room 3-3, the two women holding each other, still crying, and the room fills with raining blood. Fade to white.

- Cut to the empty school corridor, early next morning. A schoolgirl is walking down the hallway, her back turned to the camera. She looks into room 3-3, and steps on the sign which is lying on the floor. She opens the door, and sees Ji-Oh and Eun-Young asleep on the bloody floor. She closes the door and walks on up the corridor. She stops suddenly and turns around. It is Jung-Sook.


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