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Last updated: 17th February 2008 - one of our favourite shopping sites, based in New Jersey, USA- simply loads of Japanese, HK and Chinese films on DVD and VCD for your delight and delectation, cheap international shipping and the famous Poker Coupon which gets you 15% discounts - a top, top service :-) - Online DVD store selling Japanese movies from USD$25 such as Takashi Miike's Full Metal Yakuza. They're releasing many samurai yakuza movies for the first time in the US. - The UK branch of Artsmagic are releasing films like Uzumaki, Wild Zero and Junk for the first time in the UK with PAL transfers, English subtitles and reworked covers - finally no need for a multiregion DVD player (if you're in Europe, of course...) - the wonderful guys at Unearthed Films own all the rights to the Guinea Pig (aka Ginipiggu) series, and have online sales with international shipping of all the films, plus other classics like Evil Dead Trap 2 on offer, not to mention a totally awesome site with streaming trailers, a fabulously gory gallery and loads more goodies for your bloodthirsty enjoyment! - UK distributors for the likes of Ring, Ring 2, Ring 0, Battle Royale, Audition and coming soon - The Eye, Ichi The Killer, City of Lost Souls, and a Miike Takashi retrospective. Has their own online shop (note: DVDs maybe Region 2 or Region 0 - check!!!) - more great DVD's and VCD's, mainly with subs, great service and a brilliant selection - mainly for US and Japanese folks, as the international shipping for other countries is a little fearsome - but an awesome selection of movies and movie soundtracks (!!! I really want that Ring original soundtrack !!!) are available for your shopping delight - great service and great selection - for all you UK Asian film buffs, here's James Marshall's brilliant distribution service - basically, if you can't find what you're looking for, drop him a mail - he will kindly pursue your heart's desire with the HK distribution companies for you - fantastic service! - videos, books, magazines and DVDs for all kinds of Asian stuff - horror, pink eiga, samurai, HK films etc, ships internationally at good rates too - based in Florida, USA - loads of great Asian films, at a good price (don't let the HK-Dollars scare you, the exchange rate is great!) with international shipping and a weekly cheap sale - yaaay! - if you live in France, this is a great place to search for those elusive French-formatted movies [French only] - a great place to pick up your ultra-cheap Japanese/HK VCDs - hooray for VCD!!! - fantastic news and reviews site for all things Japanese - if you enjoy Asian horror films, join max_i_mum_millenium's fantastic Yahoogroup, chat and exchange news,views and reviews - the Neo(N)eiga group's absolutely gigantic, completely overhauled and excellent Japanese contemporary film links site - be sure to check it out! [Italian only] - well, what can we say about Ringworld, except that it's the original, and the very best of everything Ring-related - visit it every single day of your life :-) - there's a nice section on Japanese movie history here, along with a page of short profiles of some top Japanese actors and actresses - Purportedly dealing with every film made in Asia since 1998, this gigantic site features reviews, synopses, image galleries, director profiles and interviews on virtually every single entry - an absolute gem
- the absolutely humongous and essential Japanese Horror Database - pretty much any film you can think of (and some you can't) are listed here, with cast and crew details and technical specifics
- and even more!
- guess what? There's some more here too!
- Bazz's excellent site featuring loads and loads and loads of ace Japanese horror review pages, with in-depth reviews, synopses and super-smart pictures
- Gareth's brilliant Japanese film reviews and news site, featuring more Asian films than you can literally shake a stick at - visit here for an essential experience! - DVD Vision Japan have a spectacular amount of reviews and articles about Japanese movies, anime and the whole J-culture experience - oodles of great reviews of Asian horror movies, but that's only a drop in the proverbial ocean - this site is jampacked with loads of fab movie reviews, news, articles, fun stuff and all kinds of goodness - Asian-American pop culture site, with loads of reviews, news, features, articles and all kinds of good stuff for your delectation Tokyo Projekt /Japanese Cultural Review is a new site with lots of news, information and articles, some concerning recent Japanese horror movies - go check it out
- Sancho Does Asia reviews site [French only] - brilliant site, with loads of images and great in-depth reviews
- dual language (English/German) review site -
new site with reviews and a podcast!
- MJ Simpson reviews many, many movies and reprints articles of his - very comprehensive fansite dedicated to director Shinya Tsukamoto, with indepth reviews of his movies and lots of image galleries Eight Trees CineMANIA's movie review site, featuring a sub-site dedicated to Asian movies, with incisive, entertaining reviews and images - John Charles's comprehensive Asian film reviews site, mainly dedicated to HK movies but also plenty of reviews of Japanese, Korean, and Thai films - Kenji Siratori is a brilliant, young, superhip writer of great intellectual cyberpunk hypermodern fiction - if you're heavily into cyberpunk and movies like Tetsuo: The Iron Man and Electric Dragon 80000V, we would definitely recommend checking out his work - you can read extracts of his latest book Blood Electric at his new official site has a section on extreme Asian film-making, with some wallpapers for download - Daisuke Onitsuka's very useful and informative page concerning recent releases by the top Japanese studios Toho, Toei and Shochiku, with comments about each movie - our beloved rb is back, with his new site Text-Only, the world's best collection of Shohei Imamura links, an amazing English-Ainu dictionary, plus some fab links :)
- Alexis Glass's stunning site dedicated to the master of horror manga, Junji Ito, packed with news, information and pictures that'll knock your socks off - Harald's rather marvellous site with oodles of great Asian horror reviews and lots of interesting pictures [English and German] - more Asian horror reviews, this time all in French - you can also buy films here (French format only) -
Maurice's Horror Directors site, featuring movies and directors from all over the world, including this rather lovely page featuring lots of great Asian films, links to reviews, details on availability and where you can buy the films in question - another review website, with an extensive selection of trailers - enormous feature-page with loads of short reviews of Japanese movies [German only]
- another new site, devoted to all things Japanese - cinema, music, anime, manga and games
- Stefano Locatelli's Asia Express movie site, featuring all kinds of genre movies, with images and reviews... [Italian only]
... and its sister site, Hong Kong Express, dealing with 100% pure HK movies [also Italian only]
- humongous site dealing with all kinds of Asian movies, featuring reviews, articles, polls, and a forum - Wilson Tai's dedicated Versus fansite, featuring synopses, galleries, cast details, downloads and links
- if you're an Asian horror newbie, you could do worse than to stop by NighTerror and check their list of stuff to start off with - fansite dedicated to Chiaki Kuriyama, with lots of pictures, information and all kinds of goodies
- Tadanobu Asano's official site [English version] - and a completely different Japanese-only version of the official site too! - Pymmik's great site dedicated to Koji Yakusho and his work, including loads of images, a complete filmography, reviews and synopses and everything you could hope to find out about this amazing actor! - ... and join up to Pym's Yahoogroup to chat and exchange news and views about Koji Yakusho! - Rachel Schuetz's Junji Ito fan group on Facebook new site devoted to the remakes of Asian extreme movies, but featuring some information about the source material as well Koji Yakusho's official site [Japanese only] - an enormous fansite dedicated to Masanobu Ando, with everything you could ever hope to find on this great young actor - a really spectacular site!!! [French only]
- more Asian horror reviews here
- the official Asmik-Ace Corporation site
- Kato Haruhiko's official site Official site of the Otona Keikaku theatrical group, whose membership features Sadao Abe of Uzumaki and Naked Blood: Splatter! fame [Japanese only] - Asian Culture and Movie directory at the House of Baubo - apparently Disney are ripping off HK Films, changing the scores to 'stereotypical Asian music' and dubbing them with Hollywood actors. Cease and desist!!! Sign the petition and let Hollywood know how you feel! Oh, the humanity. ;-) - the official website for the Guinea Pig series, with lots of reviews, a history of Guinea Pig, pictures from the films and loads more goodies, as well as online sales with international shipping - Charles Mann's reviews site, which has a looooooot of mighty fine Asian movie reviews, among lots of other delicious prawny treats ;-) - our very own Mandi Apple is the editor here, and is working her socks off to provide a gigantic list of links to Google, Yahoo etc :-) - huge list of extremely rare and utterly unavailable pre-1980 TV shows and movies for trade, many of them in both Japanese and English - no Asian movies, sadly, but if you like old video nasties, and you are blessed with living in the UK (*lol* note sarcasm), then these are the chaps for you - Be sure to stop by and say hi to the Monsterhunter, who has an amazing review site - enormous directory of all things horrific - more horror than you can shake a stake at - Dark Dreams, an enormous site dedicated to
the work of horror/giallo maestro Dario Argento - Polly's blog devoted to horror and sci-fi, with reviews, images and links - Reviews of worldwide horror movies - absolutely indispensable with help for our filmographies, and lots of fab user reviews - Gauntgirl's unique feminist angle on horror and all things hideous - another horror film database: 560 Films, 1232 Actors, 370 Directors, 1598 Gallery Pics is the current claim by these guys - wow! fab UK-based extreme cult-cinema magazine with loads of news, reviews, info and links - a new review site offering excellent quality reviews of all things cult-related and B-Movie - fantastic company making commission cosplay wear, including Gothic, Lolita, anime-related and fantasy clothing, greatly recommended to fans of all things cosplay - UK horror-flick t-shirts, some nice obscure titles - for those of you like me who just can't resist buying a Necromantik shirt to offend all your neighbours, friends and relatives with "Horror movies, dark music, spooky PC Games, greeting cards and online Make-up F/x help!" - well, what more do you want?! horror movies and maniac reviews - welcome to the Rue Morgue magazine, with its Cinemortuary, webstore and spooky events - cult film reviews with lots of images by Frederik S Hana "Horror movie reviews from people who watch horror movies." Quite right too :-) - news, reviews, interview and pics galore - a terror awaits you in every room... - not only horror, but dedicated to all indie filmmaking, a cause which we heartly applaud here at Snowblood Apple Towers - Mandi Snowblood Apple collects these and currently has something like 12 of 'em - buy one for your Gran this Christmas ;-) - Tommy Bergsköld's great new site, another Ring-addict and a fun page with lots of links - including Swedish ones! - official Blair Witch site. Kinda fun (tho' IMHO Book of Shadows sucked enormously hard) - the real thing (allegedly) - great fun though - we all love 'em, don't we??? "... oh, I have this friend whose boyfriend's sister knows this girl who heard that dot dot dot add your own freaky story here etc"... -...and nearly all of 'em debunked at the legendary Snopes site

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- Tommy Bergsköld, one of the nicest people I've ever met!
- Arvid from Ringu-Fan
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