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Discussion in 'Asian Extreme Cinema discussion' started by Midori no Saru, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Midori no Saru Invoker of Azarak

    Thought I might take the liberty of creating a topic for discussion of Memento Mori and Whispering Corridors. If that's OK.

    I have a lot more to say about these films, particularly about Memento Mori, but I'm, still collecting my thoughts at the moment, particularly as the latter is a very complex film, and is potentially open to a number of different interpretations.

    One thing is that "Memento Mori" is translated in the Mei Ah DVD as meaning "remember the dead." From the Latin it means a "reminder of death," more specifically, one's own death. Depending on where the mistranslation occurred, this may alter the meaning behind the film. Through the tricks of editing and flashbacks, and through the narrative devices of recording methods, such as the video camera, there is a sense in which Hyo shin ( and potentially all of us ) has achieved some kind of immortality not just through memory, but also by having lived, and therefore being part of the history of the universe (possibly). It is possible that she does achieve a different kind of immortality through Min Ah, though she may have passed on the baton, so to speak.

    Anyway, there is a really interesting perspective on this on this site:

    Not forgetting the excellent review on the main mandiapple site :wink:
  2. Messiah Guest

    I really want to see those two movies . . . especially since Wishing Stairs is coming out next month.
  3. Chryse Guest

    The latest issue of Variety has a marginally positive review of Wishing Stairs, if anyone's interested. Also has a few brief comments about Whispering Corridors and Memento Mori.
  4. Yeah, I haven't seen either yet, since Whispering Corridors is so hard to find and I always forget that I want to get Memento Mori.

    I wonder, would it be, well, "weird" (don't know how else to put it) to watch Memento Mori first?

    I'm new, by the way.
  5. Scuz Knee-High Girl

    I don't think it matters in which order you watch the movies, since they have basically nothing to do with eachother. So go ahead and watch Memento Mori first :D

    And welcome to the forum :mrgreen:
  6. Sadak0 Brundlefly

    There is a version of whispering corrisdor with english subtitles? I made my by myself, buyng the corera edition with no any subtitles, then i added the english subtitles file found on the net. I also translated it in italian for a italian subtitled edition. But i would like to buy a new one with english sub, if is avaiable. For who are searching for WC without subtitles, you can go to they have it.
  7. Scuz Knee-High Girl

    There are bootlegs with English subs., but no official release of the movie.
  8. Sadak0 Brundlefly

    so, also the copy i made is a bootleg with new menu a photo gallery selfmade :p
  9. Midori no Saru Invoker of Azarak

    Memento Mori
    MEGA SPOILERS throughout
    In the bit where Shi Eun is getting her ears tested, is Min Ah tuning into the couple's telepathic messages. It would appear so... But it doesn't look certain. She certainly does later though. Is the telepathy real or symbolic, or both, I wonder?

    I am also intrigued by the two poems. I'll post something on that later...

    Also, I am wondering if Hyo Shin has "possessed" Min Ah by the end of the movie, if only partially, or whether she has left the new couple to pursue their relationship...

    The diary: I am beginning to think that somehow the diary was deliberately left for Min Ah to find. It seems a strange place to leave so valuable an artefact otherwise...
  10. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen


    8O !!! I never looked at it that way before Midori !!! I think you may be quite right. The whole device of just leaving it somewhere convenient for her to find really irked me when I wrote the review, but I certainly didn't think of that :D Possibly Hyo-Shin (being psychic, after all) may have left it like that on purpose, knowing what would happen to her in the future...?
  11. Mandi Apple The Acid Queen

    Tha' may be interested to hear that Poker Industries have just got in an official Thai release of yon Whispering Corridors with English subs in All-region NTSC for the princely sum of $15.99 USD, thereby rendering all the boot copies floating around ebay redundant. Arf! :D
  12. corridor

    for those of you interested. its a copy of the Thai release of Whispering Corridor for 9$ US! including shipping to anywhere in the world! just a quick tech question. if anyone knows whre i can get my hands on a whidescreen copy of WC or if it was even filmed in this aspect ratio let me know. The Thai release is full screen. but as Mandi pointed out it isnt pan and scan and it doesnt seem to cut people out. and i ordered my copy of Wishing Stairs last week. the packaging looks beautiful! im stoked
  13. Midori no Saru Invoker of Azarak

    Is the Korean DVD still available? You could add subs...

    I've seen copies for sale on ebay - check there... check out "items available worldwide"
    These are being sold from Germany... Don't know if these have subs.

    Oh, and congratulations on discovering such an excellent film!

    I would add that with the third installment on its way, I would expect a re-release...

    Oh, what the hell, here's the URL!
    German Whispering Corridors
  14. Chryse Guest

    I've got what seems to be a decent widescreen version off of an ebay seller named stiller66 or some such thing. Haven't watched it all the way through, but it plays, and its wide, and it has subs.
  15. Vertigo Guest

    I've finally gotten round to ordering Memento Mori - I'm really looking forward to it. And I got it from dddhouse for the ridiculously low price of around £4 including postage. I mean really....£4 quid for a DVD...from Hong Kong...? It can't be legal...
  16. David Guest

    I know, you can´t help wondering! I don´t understand how they can keep the prices that low! Maybe it´s to compete with the black market... I´m almost sure ddd is totally legit though. I´m just about to make an order containing memento mori myself. Does anyone know if the region3 memento mori is cut?
  17. Midori no Saru Invoker of Azarak

    All the Mementi Mori were cut, er... to get a 12+ certificate. So the stories about the Korean Government forcing it to be cut can't really be true. It must have been the decision of the producers, the film company, or even the directors themselves to get the audience they wanted.
  18. David Guest

    Thanks Midori no Saru! It´s always hard to know the truth about different versions!
  19. the dddhouse dvds are that cheap because you can buy legit dvds on the street in hong kong for even less (around 2$ US). im guessing because of cheap labor in mainland china. let me know how the dddhouse memento mori is and it's running time. im still looking for those extra 15 minutes!
  20. Vertigo Guest

    Ah...I see. It scandalously cheap...even with the shipping cost added on.

    I will do. I'll try to be as detailed as I can where the missing footage is concerned. The version I've ordered is the Mei Ah version so I don't know how complete that may be (but going by Mei Ah's past record it's not looking good). I've checked the Mei Ah website but there is no info on the running time of the disc. I'll keep you posted.

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