Squirmfest (1989) (WAS: Squirmfest question ...)

Discussion in 'Asian Extreme Cinema discussion' started by Alastor, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Alastor Brundlefly

    Squirmfest (1989) (WAS: Squirmfest question ...)

    Are all of the eating/drinking scenes real or is it just Sfx? :oops:
    I really don't want to get into real scat vids.
  2. rupan777 Brundlefly

    I can't see why it can't be real; when I was in Japan, I saw a huge number of scat videos and others that went into all kinds of bizarre perversions on the shelves.
  3. Alex Apple Lord Snowblood Apple

  4. Alastor Brundlefly

    Yeah I read that review but couldn't find this out.
    I guess I'll pass then!
  5. EVOL666 Guest

    SQUIRMFEST 1&2 are totally real. Japan has a huge AV/Fetish-porn market, and believe me - the SQUIRMFEST films are not the sickest that they have to offer...

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