Old 80's - 90's Japanese Action TV Series

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  1. anthoj Brundlefly

    Old 80's - 90's Japanese Action TV Series

    Hi all,

    I have been looking for 2 Japanese TV series that was aired back in the 90s or 80s. I was a kid back then, and I don't even remember what the names were. And the names were probably changed when the TV series was dubbed into my language anyway.

    I was hoping that someone could help me identify what TV series they were. I will do my best to describe what I remember of each.

    The first:

    This is a story about a ninja who is protecting this world. He lives 2 lives, one as an ordinary Japanese Citizen, and the other as this protector ninja. He can change into his ninja costume for anytime, by calling upon his armor (very much like Kamen Rider Black). His armor color was red however, and later on, he gets special upgrades to his armor that makes him even more invincible. I think the upgrades were shoulder blades, shin guards, and something on his helmet. That's about as much as I can remember.

    The second:

    Again, this off of the same category, but this time I think he's a police officer. He can change into a red (similar to Power Rangers) outfit. His helmet has a gray/silver radar looking thing on the top and he has a partner wearing the same thing in yellow. The greatest thing about this movie is his car. He owns a regular coupe white car (not sure what), but it can transform into a red cool sports car with all the gadgetries (Yes, very much like the Viper show).

    Anyway, that's how much I remember of the two TV series. Hopefully someone out there recalls better than me, or even know of a site that has information of the two.

    Anyway, this is my first post. Hope to hear from you guys soon.
  2. Rat Fink Guest

    Isn't it this?

  3. anthoj Brundlefly


    I can't believe how many of these Japanese Action TV Series there are. But those two aren't the ones I was talking about. The ninja was alone. He was red color. Yea, they look similar around the headgear, but this guys that I use to watch had hard (possibly supposedly fiberglass) body armor.

    And as for the second one, it's not that one either. The one I was talking about had red outfit and they are not metal like that. And it was a cool car too...a real coupe sports car.
  4. Rat Fink Guest


    Is it this?

    Hmm, so these aren't it, right?
    http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tokusatsu keiji
    I actually haven't seen those TV series in 80's or 90's, so it may be hard to find.
  5. Judge Rage Youth of the Beast

    Wasn't there one called "Aka Kage" about a red masked ninja?
  6. Rat Fink Guest

    I first thought about it, but it's a pretty old TV program.
  7. djmac Brundlefly

    I think that is the series I am looking for, too.
    Here some things, I personally remeber:
    The actors where guys and a girl between 18 and 25.
    They where students.
    The car was also made by Bandai as a toy car 1:18 scale.
    When you put in a red transperent card into the car, it changes to a red super car.
    The series was not older than 1982.

    Can anyone help anthoj or me?
  8. Rat Fink Guest

    Is it Car Ranger by any chance?
  9. djmac Brundlefly

    No, I'm sorry, that wasn't it.
    I think I remeber, it was a police-car in the end, when it transferred from "normal" to "red".
  10. Rat Fink Guest

  11. djmac Brundlefly



    @anthoj: Was this your series, too?
  12. JJSaxon666 Brundlefly

    Hi! i've made the registration only for answer to you!!! i'm 24, from Italy, and i've passed all my life to recover these tv series!! ..i have the answer to your problem!! ..WINSPECTOR!! ..or easly search WINSQUAD!! i love that car!!
  13. Abraksas Brundlefly

    Hell yeah, finally after so long I get to know what the series was called. Like Saxon I also only registered for thanking you Rat Fink. But since I#M here anyway I'll take a look around ;).
  14. shorty1159 Brundlefly

    hey maybe someone can help me.
    this series is from the 80's. the only thing i can remeber is the opening credits.
    ok the first thing i remember is an japanese woman running and she gets caught in a huge spider web. the in the next part there is a man and suddenly he grows reall big and his color is either blue or green. help help help its driving me crazy.

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